Campaign Goals

Start generating leads from online marketing channels
Focus on practices areas that have the highest profitability for the firm
To differentiate itself from its competitors online
To establish a way to accurately track the results of its marketing efforts


  • No web assets that could convert website visitors into leads
  • No value proposition or marketing offers that would differentiate them from competitors
  • Lack of clear client acquisition strategy to generate new business
  • Feeling sceptical about the effectiveness of online marketing for client’s industry


  • Developed a series of landing pages for key practice areas
  • Implemented live chat answering solution to convert more visitors into leads
  • Set up highly focused AdWords search and Remarketing campaigns
  • Deployed call tracking and forms tracking technology to accurately measure campaign’s performance


Generate high quality case leads for targeted practice areas
Significantly lower its client acquisition costs
Gather performance data that adjusted its maximum CPA targets
Establish strong online presence that improve firm’s overall image and reputation

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