How We Work

We believe in providing high quality campaign optimization work without cutting any corners – ever. In order to deliver top notch work every account needs to be worked on by top PPC professionals on a regular basis, regardless of what the client’s media spending budget is.

As a result, based on over 14 years of experience and feedback from hundreds of clients, we have decided that the most efficient and effective way to charge for our work is based on the amount of time our experts spend on each account.

We do not believe in fees that are tied directly to clients’ spending because this creates a conflict of interest – in such cases the incentive is to increase spending to maximize agency’s fees and not to optimize your performance and lower your spend.

When you work with OneCore Ads’ Paid Search team you can always expect:

  1. High quality work regardless of your budget
  2. Clear communication from your personal Account Manager
  3. Transparent pricing without any hidden fees
  4. Detailed, user friendly campaign performance reports

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